SHINE Release Party Recap

It’s celebration time! At SHINE we started out the month of December with a SHINE Release Party announcing Edition 13 of the SHINE Magazine entitled the Beautiful and Brave, despite many roadblocks along the way, due to COVID,  thanks to the dedicated team of the production department, writers and the Women’s SHINE Team, we finally got this one off the presses and into circulation!

Proverbs 31 and specifically, Proverbs 31:25 is our key scripture: She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. (NIV)  

On December 5, 2021, the publishing editor behind SHINE Magazine, Gayla Bagwell, unveiled this Edition with an announcement that copies would now be available for sale. We celebrated with some tasty and beautifully decorated flower cookies and as you will notice in the magazine, flowers are central in this Edition.  Hundreds of magazines were sold on Sunday as many women stood in line to purchase their copy(s) and Gayla Bagwell personally autographed each magazine if the purchaser so desired.

Don’t miss purchasing your magazine(s) online at  If you have never seen this magazine before, you will be dazzled by the beauty of it, the encouragement and wisdom, the comfort, the joy and peace you will receive given through the writers who write for SHINE.  These are women who are filled with the love of God and desire to share their experiences in life to benefit others.  You will truly come away refreshed after reading even one article, let alone all the interesting and fun articles inside.

Every time I open the SHINE Magazine, I am just amazed at the quality, beauty and creativity within its pages. It just makes me happy to look at the pictures but when I read the articles I am always amazed at the uniqueness of the articles included.  It is so enjoyable to just curl up and get cozy and relax looking at a magazine that is not filled with advertisements on every page and articles that say nothing to nourish the soul.  Some of the categories included in the magazine are:  Marriage, Parenting, Home and Entertainment, Prayer, Health and Wellness, Organization, Food, Travel, Pets and more.  You will not be disappointed in your investment of only $12.00.  Go and order your copy now before they are gone!

The Release Party was a smashing success, to God be the glory!  We pray hundreds of women’s lives are changed through the anointed articles within the pages of SHINE! 

Always Shining for Him,

Jane Dawson

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