Simple Fashion Secrets to Show off God.

The fashion secrets below were provided for young girls and teens. Although these thoughts can certainly be applied to all of us.

So you’ve put together an outfit, is it going to show off God or yourself? God wants us to reflect Him; that is His heart concerning modesty. It is also important to pursue complete holiness in the motivations of our hearts. So what is your heart thinking?

What are your motivations for not wearing certain things? Is it so God will be honored or so you’ll be seen as a “good Christian girl”? You see, the issue goes both ways. It’s always about where your heart is. Either you’re for God’s glory or against it. It’s plain and simple—not easy, but simple.

These simple fashion tips, adapted from one of our favorites websites—Dannah Gresh’s Secret Keeper Girl1—are a fun way to think about what you’re wearing and how to monitor your outfits for modesty. We hope these basic guidelines help you think for yourself as you come to recognize the types of clothing that work best for your uniquely beautiful shape, while reflecting your fashion sense and the modesty God intended for His daughter.

Tuck Away Your Tummy

If you stand up straight, raise both arms in the air, and any part of your belly is showing, you may need to modify your outfit. Add a simple ribbed tank top under your shorter T-shirts, crop tops, or with those cool, low-rise jeans. Layering can be an easy fix to keep your tummy tucked away. No one needs to know if you have an “inny” or an “outty.”






The Short Story

If you are wearing shorts or a skirt and you look in the mirror with your legs crossed (ladylike or crisscross applesauce), and you see your undies or too much of the tops of your legs…an adjustment is needed. One option is to add a pair of bright tights or leggings under your shorts or skirt. The other option is to realize you may have grown taller and it’s time to buy longer shorts and skirts. We know that with today’s fashions, these can be harder to find, but they are available—keep looking!


Be a Princess, Not a Plumber

Sit with your legs crossed on the floor and bend over as if you are about to read a great book or maybe even SHINE Magazine. Now, reach behind you and feel what might be the view if your pants are too low. Again, layering with a tank top or camisole (cami) is a great solution. Although low-rise jeans are trendy, realize that some may just be too low. Find a pair of jeans that won’t cause your friends and family to blush.

The Pledge

Take your right hand and put your thumb in that little “dip” under your neck (almost like you are saying the Pledge of Allegiance with your hand over your heart). If there is any skin showing below your hand, you seriously may need to rethink your shirt choice. There are plenty of other tops out there! You can also go for a fashionable layered look by putting a button-down shirt or blouse under a top that may plunge too low. Or, you can once again call on your “friends” (the T-shirt, tank, or cami) to help you out.

Lovable Leggings

Leggings are everywhere! They are part of your casual outfits and even your dressy attire. However, they are not pants! So, if your shirt doesn’t cover your bottom…don’t wear those leggings! Some leggings are simply too thin (see-through) or too tight and revealing. Wearing a longer T-shirt or tank underneath your shirt is an option. Simply make sure your top is always long enough to cover your backside, so you can continue to love your favorite leggings.

Consider these questions as you select your clothing: would you feel comfortable going to a family function (your grandmother’s birthday party) in your outfit? Would you feel comfortable going to church (the house of God) in your outfit? God wants you to honor Him in all you do, and that includes how you dress.

These are just a few thoughts to keep in mind as you head to your closet or out to the mall to select your new items! Girls, let’s have fun with fashion—make your own unique statement and keep showing off God!


1. Dannah Gresh, “Truth or Bare Fashion Tests,” Secret Keeper Girl, (accessed February 22, 2016).

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