God’s Secret Messengers

“Angels” was a church wide event the evening of December 11, 2022.  We had a wonderful turnout at this very festive affair! There was so much beauty and elegance throughout the evening. as well as a holy presence of our Lord God as we learned about the angelic realm in the Kingdom of God.

As this is the Christmas season, what better subject to focus on than the subject of angels since they were chosen to announce the birth of Jesus.  Upon entering the foyer, we were greeted by the melodic sound of a harpist playing her harp greeting everyone with the sounds of Christmas. 

The foyer was filled to overflowing with men, women and children working their way around the beautifully prepared and delicious hor d’oeuvres which were created by Chef Dannon Gale.  

The foyer was also exquisitely decorated in the Christmas theme and there was a sense of love and joy in the air.  Chef Dannon prepared savory and sweet items for this event.

There were tables filled with really yummy melt-in-your-mouth truffles!

As well as oh so beautifully decorated Angel cookies!

After a time of eating and mingling with old friends and making new ones, we entered the auditorium which was magically decorated for Christmas with trees, garland on the balcony rails and lights all around, but especially the presence of many angelic forms including white and blue lighted angels and gold and yellow lighted angels, some even hanging high up from the ceiling!  There were also white angels projected by light on the walls as well as angel feathers projected on the ceiling in gold/yellow and even more of a translucent color with white and pinks.  It was beautiful to view as it added to the Christmas ambience of the evening.

The audience had a time of singing Christmas carols and worshipping Jesus in song to  celebrate this season of Jesus’ birth.

We were then treated to a beautiful rendition of “Mary, Did You know” in the form of a dance of worship by the lovely and talented ballerinas, Annika Bagwell and Alexandria Bagwell.

Before the message there was an exciting time of giveaways to be won for the teen girls and women, as well as the teen boys and men.  These gifts were truly extra special this evening and beautifully decorated as well as huge in size.  The men received mostly food items and the women received mostly items that ladies love such as spa-type gifts. It was quite festive watching everyone receive their treasures. Everyone in attendance received favors that were angel candles and trinket boxes in gold bags for the women, and clear boxes with truffles for the men. It was a fun evening of gift giving!

Pastor Gayla was then introduced and she gave us insight into the angelic realm in God’s Kingdom.  Below are highlights of her incredible discoveries regarding angels.

Gayla taught how to know the truth about God’s Angels, and how not to be deceived by false angels. She helped the listener to realize that the Heavenly Angelic Kingdom is very real as she presented facts and scriptures. It was very enlightening and helpful to learn that angels are a created race. They are very large, and male in appearance. They are strong powerful warriors that are ministering spirits to protect us and bring messages as God Himself feels it is necessary. They are orderly and they have ranks of position. !. Archangel 2. Messenger Angels 3. Seraphim 4. Cherubim They are holy and they are glorious beings that always direct our worship and love to Jesus!

Then a video of a service a few years ago was played where angels voices singing was captured, and a holy hush filled the atmosphere.

To close out this angelic awe inspiring evening, Pastors Tim and Gayla Bagwell, invited everyone down to the altar for a special time of prayer.  The presence of God was so sweet and a truly angelic way to end this festive evening! Many people also came forward to receive Jesus as their savior and Lord! 

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