Then Sings My Soul – A Family Gayla Event


Summer Steps: Ordered in Holiness

As a young girl growing up on a farm, summertime meant barefoot time –liberating my feet from the snugly fitting shoes I’d worn all winter. Early in the season, I learned to avoid the “sticker-patch.” I vividly remember the deep purple stains on my feet from playing under the mulberry tree. Now that I’m grown […]

The Unforgettable Kitchen

There was a time not so long ago when the kitchen was the busiest and most used room of the home. Recipe books were open, Mom was in her apron, chatter and laughter came from the kids, mixing bowls and measuring cups decorated the countertops. This daily routine wasn’t just about eating. It was a […]

The Way of Wellness

In my forty-plus years as a natural health consultant, I’ve met many women who intentionally attend to their health and well-being. A question I frequently ask them is: “Who or what influences you to take deliberate action to improve your overall wellness?” Their responses vary as much as the women themselves, but a common theme […]

Strength to Endure

In life, there is a delicate balance between strength and endurance. Both are very complimentary, but too much of one can be exhausting.  Fighting with all your strength, without waiting for the right time is frustrating; and enduring so long without the strength to stop, leads to burn out.  Merriam-Webster’s dictionary says endurance is “the […]

Hormones…To Do or Not To Do?

By: Judy Ponsford, BSN, RN, WHNP   Are you tired of that age-old question, “Should I take hormones?” Many women are confused about whether they should consider this option during peri and postmenopause. Of course, this is a personal decision that should be sought out with prayer and trusted counsel.  However, research is showing that […]

Beauty for Sale

It seems to me that nearly every billboard, magazine headline and television commercial practically shouts “Beauty for Sale!” From silky-smooth-shiny hair to tantalizing toes, and all points between, there appears to be a product, procedure, potion or pill to create or enhance beauty. As a woman who has weathered many seasons, I feel particularly concerned […]

5 Tips to Healthy Nails

Who doesn’t love a relaxing mani-pedi? I sure do! So, how can you keep your nails happy and healthy in between those soothing salon visits? Here are five tips to help you do just that, beginning with number five: 5. Keep your nails and yourself hydrated Brittle nails that split, peel, and break, are a common […]

“Three-Fold Foundation for Winter Wellness”

The last picking of fall’s garden filled the bushel baskets in Grandma’s cellar with bold colors of gold, orange, and green. That “fresh-picked” fragrance from the bushel baskets would just briefly cover the musty smell of the cellar. Our barn boasted hefty hay bales that were ready for the cattle’s winter feedings. My new school […]

Ready, Set…GO!

OK, so we know we need to eat right, brush and floss, get eight hours of sleep, drink plenty of water and, of course, exercise. We know that a mere 30 minutes of exercise a day is like the apple, keeping those doctors away. Well, I am tired of aching, tired of the blahs, tired […]