Floral, Fringes and Rock and Roll

Simple Fashion Secrets to Show off God.

The fashion secrets below were provided for young girls and teens. Although these thoughts can certainly be applied to all of us. So you’ve put together an outfit, is it going to show off God or yourself? God wants us to reflect Him; that is His heart concerning modesty. It is also important to pursue complete holiness in the motivations […]

Your Favorite Fashionista


SHINE Apothecary Boutique

Welcome to SHINE’s Apothecary Boutique where you can sample some luscious homemade recipes by some of our favorite SHINE ladies! If you are looking for some fun recipes to make for yourself or as gifts for friends and family—you have come to the right place! Try these sense-sational recipes! Fabulous Foot Scrub by Millie Clopine Ingredients: 1 cup […]

Fashion for Every Body: Part 4

The “A” or “Pear” Body Type An “A” body generally has a smaller torso and a larger bottom. The hips tend to be slightly wider than the shoulders. The overall goal for an “A” is to try to draw attention away from the hips and toward the upper body. Do: Wear dark-colored pants, low-cut with […]

Fashion for Every Body: Part 3

The “8” or “Hourglass” Body Type Throughout history, the hourglass has been the “ideal” body type that most women desire, but they, too, have their challenges when dressing! An hourglass’s bust and hips are about the same size, with the waist being about 10 inches smaller. An hourglass body type is often considered full-figured. Do: […]

Fashion for Every Body: Part 2

The “V” or “Funnel” Body Type Funnel body types are usually bigger on the top than on the bottom, which can result in a slightly larger tummy and a flatter rear. The shoulders are typically two or more inches wider than the hips, and the bust tends to be fuller. The overall goal of a […]

Fashion for Every Body: Part 1

It is always fun and exciting to see the new styles of the season, but how do we, as women, know which pieces to buy if we don’t know what looks best on our own bodies? Well, look no further! Almost all women can be categorized into one of four body type groups: the “H,” […]

Ladies’ Night In

Ladies, it’s time for our Ladies Night In Bible Study to begin again. We had such a fun time last year and have great anticipation for this year. The classes are brand new!  Sign up online today by clicking on the image above, or if you would like more information about each class click on […]