The Love of a Father: What Strong Mothers Know About the Importance of a Daddy

  In today’s society, single mothers are strong, tenacious, able women who can juggle the pressures of family and work without skipping a beat. I should know….I was raised by one! It’s amazing that these moms are able to keep pressing on – giving their children the best family life they can under unfortunate circumstances. […]

Doing the Right Thing

My mother was a single parent with two children to raise in the inner city of Los Angeles. She was also a godly woman who believed in “doing the right thing.” I used to complain about it all the time: “Why do I have to forgive or apologize first?” “Why do I have to let […]

Ask Attorney April – Your Family Matters

Not surprisingly, holiday parenting exchanges can be more frequent and stressful for estranged families than at any other time. There are numerous opportunities to become rude or harsh with the other parent. As Christians, however, we are mandated by Christ to love our neighbors, and this includes ex-spouses!  In emotional situations, good people can sometimes […]

Your Family Matters – Part 2


Your Family Matters – Ask Attorney April

Most people have a lot of questions and misconceptions when it comes to their family matters and Colorado law. People experiencing difficult times with their families often don’t seek legal advice because they are embarrassed, in denial, or are simply afraid of the answers. The purpose of the Ask Attorney April column is to address […]