Just Say Yes

Oftentimes, when most of us read the Christmas story, we focus wholly on the miraculous event that took place in the stable that night long ago. We truly celebrate the birth of our Savior, and the amazing account of God’s love for the world becomes the center of all attention. Rightfully so! Have you ever […]

God’s Grace Is Sufficient – Part 2

Last week, we learned the importance of leading our children by our example and guarding our tongues by allowing God to temper our speech. This week we continue on with more ways that God will help us to raise godly children. Pray with and for your children. My children and I prayed together before they […]

God’s Grace Is Sufficient – Part 1

  Today’s Christian mother is challenged by outside influences like never before. Christian values that once kept our family, community, and nation cohesive are being attacked. Numerous subcultures defy the Christian way of life and push for an age of greater tolerance. This is all leading to the breakdown in family relationships – especially between […]

5 Steps to a Unified Marriage

The word beautiful is defined in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as “generally pleasing: excellent.” When something is pleasing it brings pleasure, is agreeable, gratifying and is synonymous with blessed. We all want a blessed marriage, one that is agreeable, gratifying, pleasing, excellent, and yes, beautiful. But how does one attain all this in a relationship that is […]

Our Family Shield of Faith

“Hurry, say ‘Amen’…you’re gonna make us tardy!” The thought running through their adorable little heads each morning before I let my daughters out of my sight for the day. While praying this particular morning, I must have said something to peak the curiosity of my daughter, Macy. As we sat together later that evening, chatting […]

The Words of a Mother

If you knew that your words as a mother would shape and mold someone into who they would become, would you be more careful to choose what you say? Or would you change the way you said it, knowing that every word was heard by someone you cared for…that they would listen to those words […]

Nurturing a Strong Relationship with Your Husband – Part 2

Last week we embarked on a study of the Proverbs 31 woman. This week we will continue to see how we can implement her strategies, as we strive to be a godly wife that nurtures a strong relationship with her husband. She knows that her words have great power in his life A strong woman […]

Nurturing a Strong Relationship with Your Husband – Part 1

The Proverbs 31 woman is a strong and powerful woman. She has crafted a life of skillfully managed priorities, productivity, and relationships – especially a healthy and rewarding relationship with her husband. Whether a woman works outside the home in a career or job, or works within the home raising children and tending to the […]

Getting on Board with the Lord’s Vision – Part 2

In the previous blog, we learned about the four keys we need to activate in our own lives in order to be spiritually positioned and on board with the Lord’s vision. This week, I would like us to look at the significance of staying on board even through the storms of life. As Christians, we get […]

Ladies’ Night In – November 18th

Don’t forget about Ladies’ Night In Tuesday, November 18th @ 6:30 PM! It’s not too late to sign up! Click on the image above to sign up online. No Matter What the Season…Always Be Dressed for War By Judy Nelson Attention, Princess Warriors! Whether we’re fighting for a parking spot in the holiday shopping rush or hoping the […]