Making Decisions as a Couple – Part 3

We previously reviewed the three crucial disciplines that need to be in place as a couple makes a Godly decision: Knowing the Word of God, Developing the Mind of Christ, and Submitting Your Will to Christ’s Will. Now, there is a final principle that must be applied to bring it all together…praying as a couple. […]

Making Decisions as a Couple – Part 2

Last week we looked at the first step in making a decision as a couple, which was to know the Word of God. This week we will look at the next two important steps, developing the mind of Christ and submitting your will to Christ’s will. Discipline Two: Developing the Mind of Christ Developing the […]

Making Decisions as a Couple – Part 1

Married couples face decisions on a daily basis. Some decisions are small and have little impact (like where or what to eat tonight). While other decisions, such as a job or career change, are monumental and have a significant impact on the couple’s life, future, and family. Unfortunately, if the husband and wife don’t come […]

Three Fun Dates for You and Your Valentine

By: Angelique Matthews I believe in the power of date night because it focuses your attention on each other as a couple and away from the distractions and pressures of life.  Valentine’s Day should be no exception. The Song of Solomon talks about a couple spending time together and sharing in the joy of being […]