A Unique and Wonderful Treasure

In today’s society, we are continually looking ahead to where we need to go next and what we need to accomplish. We seem to be nonstop, running from soccer practice to dance recitals to parent-teacher conferences and everything in between. When we are goal-oriented and task-driven, we tend to focus on all of the things that […]

The Worry-Free Mom Zone

Do you know what it’s like to lie awake at night worrying about your child who hasn’t come home? Do you worry about your child’s health, or choice of friends, or the fact that he isn’t interested in church anymore or seems to be living his way, not God’s? If you know what it’s like […]

High Tea at Tea Time

  Mothers and daughters have one of the most special relationships ever created! The bond between a mother and daughter is incredibly enriching due to the power and strength that weaves the two together for a lifetime. Holding and preparing a mother/daughter “high tea” (an extremely feminineevent!) is one of the few ingredients that can […]

The Words of a Mother

If you knew that your words would shape and mold someone into who they are today, would you be more careful to choose what you say? Or would you change the way you said it, knowing that every word was heard by someone you cared for…that they would listen to those words and then learn how […]

Beauty in Busyness

As daughters of The Most High it is essential to understand that we are wonderfully made in the image of God Himself (Psalm 139:14 and Genesis 1:27 NIV). From this knowledge we recognize that our beauty is from our Creator as He defines it not by the world’s standards. When I think about the Proverbs […]

Parenting with Purpose: Four Hand-Me-Downs from My Mother

As a young girl, I was extremely fascinated by my mother. She was filled with beauty, grace, and hospitality toward others – so much so that I was always on her heels, watching and emulating her every move. I wanted to be just like her in every way. Little did I know that my mother […]

What their Mothers Didn’t know: Preparing our Daughters to Be a Remnant

When Elisabeth Elliot was a little girl running around her childhood home in Pennsylvania, I often wonder if her mother had any idea what lay in store for her young daughter. How could she have known that Elisabeth would grow up to become a missionary to Ecuador…that she would become a widow at the age […]

The Love of a Father: What Strong Mothers Know About the Importance of a Daddy

  In today’s society, single mothers are strong, tenacious, able women who can juggle the pressures of family and work without skipping a beat. I should know….I was raised by one! It’s amazing that these moms are able to keep pressing on – giving their children the best family life they can under unfortunate circumstances. […]

Make God the Ultimate Parent – Godly Tips for Single Moms

For surely, O Lord, You bless the righteous; You surround them with your favor as with a shield.  Psalm 5:12 (NIV) Prior to my single parenthood, I, like many Christians, had a casual relationship with God. I faithfully attended church on Sundays, and I prayed when I needed something from Him. My most intimate moments […]

Igniting Your Child’s Passion for Lifelong Learning

Have you ever sat back and watched young children at play? Notice how they take something apart to see how it works, or use make-believe to act out a story. Children have such incredible imaginations and a natural passion to discover the world around them. Compare this excitement for discovery to what you see in […]