Make God the Ultimate Parent – Godly Tips for Single Moms

For surely, O Lord, You bless the righteous; You surround them with your favor as with a shield.  Psalm 5:12 (NIV) Prior to my single parenthood, I, like many Christians, had a casual relationship with God. I faithfully attended church on Sundays, and I prayed when I needed something from Him. My most intimate moments […]

Igniting Your Child’s Passion for Lifelong Learning

Have you ever sat back and watched young children at play? Notice how they take something apart to see how it works, or use make-believe to act out a story. Children have such incredible imaginations and a natural passion to discover the world around them. Compare this excitement for discovery to what you see in […]

Decorating Walls with Love

  My mom taught me many things about keeping my home attractive and clean, but first and foremost, she taught me how to love. Spreading joy and love around your home makes it a cozy nest. Home is where the heart is! It is important to make your home full of you – your loves, […]

God’s Grace Is Sufficient – Part 2

Last week, we learned the importance of leading our children by our example and guarding our tongues by allowing God to temper our speech. This week we continue on with more ways that God will help us to raise godly children. Pray with and for your children. My children and I prayed together before they […]

God’s Grace Is Sufficient – Part 1

  Today’s Christian mother is challenged by outside influences like never before. Christian values that once kept our family, community, and nation cohesive are being attacked. Numerous subcultures defy the Christian way of life and push for an age of greater tolerance. This is all leading to the breakdown in family relationships – especially between […]

Our Family Shield of Faith

“Hurry, say ‘Amen’…you’re gonna make us tardy!” The thought running through their adorable little heads each morning before I let my daughters out of my sight for the day. While praying this particular morning, I must have said something to peak the curiosity of my daughter, Macy. As we sat together later that evening, chatting […]

Doing the Right Thing

My mother was a single parent with two children to raise in the inner city of Los Angeles. She was also a godly woman who believed in “doing the right thing.” I used to complain about it all the time: “Why do I have to forgive or apologize first?” “Why do I have to let […]

Letting Go…One Tiny Bit at a Time

My heart sinks as she proudly walks down the sidewalk in her cute pleated skirt and button-up shirt, holding tightly to her brand new pink backpack. Sure, she’s old enough and ready—but I’m not! One single tear rolls down my cheek as I toss the sunglasses back over my face. I can’t let her see […]

Replace Loneliness with Mornings of Joy

Loneliness, often ignited by some form of difficult separation (particularly divorce or the death of a spouse), is a destructive spirit designed by Satan to place us in bondage. Unprepared, we easily fall victim to its accompanying emotions: despair, grief, depression, and bitterness. These emotions intensify when we are thrust into the roles of single parenting and […]

A Mom’s Touch – By Liz Parker

It’s been a long day of running around town, and my youngest daughter Mia begins to cry in the car on the way home. We only have one more stop, but she’s obviously had her fill of errands for the day. As I reach back to her car seat and offer her my finger to […]