Parenting with Purpose: Correction for Kingdom Kids Part II

Last week we reviewed how adding order into daily schedules can bring more peace in your home and empower you as a parent. This week we will talk about how important discipline is in your home. Discipline Myles Monroe in the book Kingdom Parenting eloquently states, and I paraphrase, “…parents must focus on developing their […]

Parenting with Purpose: Correction for Kingdom Kids Part I

“Next time you lie to me you’re really going to get it!” “If you steal one more time, you will be grounded for three months, lose all your privileges, and I’ll take all your toys and give them to the less fortunate!”  “I already told you four times to get that room clean, or else […]

Ask Attorney April – Your Family Matters

Not surprisingly, holiday parenting exchanges can be more frequent and stressful for estranged families than at any other time. There are numerous opportunities to become rude or harsh with the other parent. As Christians, however, we are mandated by Christ to love our neighbors, and this includes ex-spouses!  In emotional situations, good people can sometimes […]

Communication – God’s Way Part II

Let’s continue on with a review of principles from God’s Word that show us how to communicate in a way that brings honor and deepens the relationship between a mother and daughter. Celebrate Your Common Qualities Whenever I go back to Oklahoma to visit my family, I constantly hear from all of their friends, “You […]

Communication – God’s Way Part I

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day and this week we are looking at the mother-daughter relationship, which is a unique gift from God; one that can be compared to no other. As a mother, you look into the eyes of your daughter, and see a reflection of yourself. It is your heart’s desire to see […]

Mom’s Journal: Do I Really Have to Answer That?

Some of the most important (and embarrassing) conversations I’ve ever had have begun with the curiosity of my kids. There have been many moments when I have just wanted to disappear but have instead been trapped by the innocent curiosity of my children! Questions like… “Why does that girl talk so funny all the time?” […]

Mom’s Journal

I’m in the car, rushing from making phone calls at church, to Party City for decorations, then to Subway for updates on how the store is running, and I only have 32 more minutes until I have to be at my daughter Emma’s elementary school for crossing guard duty! “How am I going to get […]

Make God the Ultimate Parent – Part III Tips for Single Moms

I am so thankful that I have never been alone in my parenting journey; although it has been tough at times. God has been by my side every step of the way; he always leads, guides, directs, and comforts me. # 3 – “…and a little child will lead them” (Isaiah 11:6 NIV). In the […]

Make God the Ultimate Parent – Part II Tips for Single Moms

As we continue to strive to be godly mothers and role-models for our children, we must remember to make God the Ultimate Parent. Last week we looked at how we need to cast our cares on the Lord and allow him to deliver us from every trouble. Let’s take a closer look at how we […]

Make God the Ultimate Parent – Part I Tips for Single Moms

Prior to my single parenthood, I, like many Christians, had a casual relationship with God. I faithfully attended church on Sundays and prayed when I needed something from Him. My most intimate moments with Him were those when I needed a miracle. I considered myself fairly independent and self-sufficient economically, psychologically, emotionally, and physically. Most […]