Getting on Board with the Lord’s Vision – Part 3

What to Pack When Boarding the Lord’s Vision: When focusing on pursuing your purpose and destiny, it is important to know what to pack when boarding the Lord’s Vision. All it really takes is a heart’s decision. So, here is what you need to pack for a successful journey: A willingness to serve. Take part […]

Getting on Board with the Lord’s Vision – Part 2

In my previous blog, we learned about the four keys we need to activate in our own lives in order to be spiritually positioned and on board with the Lord’s vision. This week, I would like us to look at the significance of staying on board even through the storms of life. As Christians, we […]

Getting on Board with the Lord’s Vision – Part 1

Years ago, in a dream, I was called into an open field where my pastor was standing, wearing a white sailor’s suit and a captain’s hat. Behind him was a huge, white cruise ship. In my amazement, he informed me that everyone was on board and waiting for me so that the ship would sail. […]

A Spa for the Heart

How would you like to spend a whole year at a spa for free? That is exactly what Esther got to do! All of the young, beautiful women in the entire kingdom were gathered and given beauty treatments for an entire year. After the year was up, the women were presented before the king so […]