From Bitter to Sweet: God’s Mystery and Miracle

Oh, how I love to taste the flavors of the seasons! Juicy, sweet, fruits of spring, the vine-ripened garden produce of summer and the savory, rich flavors of autumn and winter excite my taste buds. I remember as a child growing up on our farm how much I enjoyed summer’s flavors from our cherry, peach, […]

Keep Your Crown

Our Redeemer Lives! Hope for Redemption in the Midst of Infertility and Loss

  Some days it’s hard to imagine that, in an alternate reality, there would be a preschooler running around our house. Our six-year-old daughter would have a younger brother or sister, and life would be infinitely different from what it is today. But for whatever reason, we lost that baby, and in the five years […]

A Transforming Love

As a family law attorney, you are faced with the issues related to the ever-increasing divorce rate on a daily basis. When this traumatic event touches you personally, your own extended family or friends, how do you handle it in view of your knowledge and expertise, your own emotions, and the spiritual dilemma that you may […]

Replace Loneliness with Mornings of Joy

Loneliness, often ignited by some form of difficult separation (particularly divorce or the death of a spouse), is a destructive spirit designed by Satan to put and keep us in bondage. Unprepared, we easily fall victim to its accompanying emotions: despair, grief, depression, and bitterness.  These emotions intensify when we are thrust into the roles of […]

Our Family Shield of Faith

“Hurry, say ‘Amen’…you’re gonna make us tardy!” The thought running through their adorable little heads each morning before I let my daughters out of my sight for the day. While praying this particular morning, I must have said something to peak the curiosity of my seven-year-old, Macy. As we sat together later that evening, chatting […]

Grace and Peace to You

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the beautiful and encouraging greeting of the Apostle Paul in most of his thirteen letters that are part of our New Testament. Four of the letters—Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon, and Philippians—are known as the Prison Epistles. The “grace and peace” […]

Pastors’ Pearls – Rosemond Anaba (Part 4)

Gayla:  I’ve heard that you have a wonderful 3,000-seat facility. How often do you have services in this large building? RA:  We have two services every Sunday. We have one in the native dialect (the gurune) and we also have a second service in English. We also have other satellite churches throughout Bolgatanga and even […]

Pastors’ Pearls – Rosemond Anaba (Part 3)

Gayla:  We so honor you for staying true and faithful to the Kingdom through this, because I’ve lived long enough and seen great sorrows, and many don’t make it. Many give it up when they encounter the trials of life. They give up serving and definitely preaching; they won’t press through because it is too […]

Pastors’ Pearls- Rosemond Anaba (Part 2)

Be sure to read the following portion of Rosemond Anaba’s interview with Pastor Gayla. Many of you will be interested in this next part of Rosemond’s testimony as we experienced a mighty move of God here at Word of Life Christian Center with Rosemond’s husband, Bishop Eastwood Anaba. Read how God sustained and kept her through the tragic […]