Shine Release and Gayla Family Event Recap video


Shine Release and Gayla Family Event

On September 29, 2019, we celebrated the release of the 12th Edition of SHINE Magazine! It was a spectacular night in the “Fruit of the Spirit” with beautiful bunches and bushels of fruit throughout the foyer and the auditorium welcoming all to a fruitful evening! It is evident from looking at the magazine that many months of hard work […]

SHINE Release Party and Gayla Event

SHINE magazine has arrived!

SHINE magazine has arrived! We are so excited for this grand delivery of our 12th edition! You can begin purchasing this wonderful and encouraging magazine on Sept. 29th.  

Gayla signed the last approval for the printing of SHINE magazine, the 12th edition.

SHINE magazine on the printing presses right now! Keep following us to watch the progression. The SHINE team holding the final pages of the 12th edition. Get your copy on Sept. 29th!

The Shine magazine team celebrating the 12th edition going to final edits! Then onto the printer!! Stay tuned for more info our magazine in process…


The Presses Are Ready!

The magazine presses are ready for SHINE magazine! Keep watching as we show you more to come for the next release of SHINE magazine 12th edition!

The Healthy Exchange

As wise and beautiful women who allow our footsteps to be directed by the Lord, we need to search the Word and find out what God has to say about health. Is it His will that we be in good health? How do we obtain it? Will it benefit our lives on earth? It is […]

A Unique and Wonderful Treasure

In today’s society, we are continually looking ahead to where we need to go next and what we need to accomplish. We seem to be nonstop, running from soccer practice to dance recitals to parent-teacher conferences and everything in between. When we are goal-oriented and task-driven, we tend to focus on all of the things that […]

5 Tips to Healthy Nails

Who doesn’t love a relaxing mani-pedi? I sure do! So, how can you keep your nails happy and healthy in between those soothing salon visits? Here are five tips to help you do just that, beginning with number five: 5. Keep your nails and yourself hydrated Brittle nails that split, peel, and break, are a […]