C.S. Lewis

She who leaves a trail of glitter…

Fashion and Compassion

Walking into an expensive store or high-end boutique can be intimidating. Even though the clothes or accessories look beautiful, it can be awkward when you feel uncomfortable in the place. I used to call these stores “Movie Star Stores” because only the rich and famous can buy there. Despite the intimidation, it can be intriguing to go […]

God’s Heavenly Hat Shop

Ah—what charm! What elegance! What class! Nothing compares to a lady in her hat. We love them all—big, bold, bright, beautiful, wide brim, straw, canvas, floppy, jeweled, or lace. We wear hats for every occasion—gardening, shopping, going to church, to the ball game, or just working around the house. In the temporal sense, we select […]

A Woman’s Heart

Psalm 91:11


ANGELSGod’s Secret Messengers “Angels” was a church wide event the evening of December 11, 2022.  We had a wonderful turnout at this very festive affair! There was so much beauty and elegance throughout the evening. as well as a holy presence of our Lord God as we learned about the angelic realm in the Kingdom of […]

Psalm 91:11

“Angels” Church-Wide Christmas Event

Rescheduled “Angels” Event

The “Angels” Church-Wide Christmas Event has been rescheduled for December 11th