You’re the King’s Daughter

Please don’t be offended that I walk with head held high. That my bearings somewhat regal, or there’s purpose in my stride. It’s not that I’m conceited. It’s that my destiny is divine, and so my eyes are focused and I cannot waste my time. I boldly face my future, and build upon my past. […]

Recap of a Royal Event Entitled, “PREPARED” on August 28, 2022

What would a royal party be without food fit for a king or queen? As the royal daughters of God entered the foyer, the sense of smell from fragrant food claimed our attention as well as the beauty of pink, pink, pink everywhere. It was beautiful and inviting. There were food stations offering braised beef […]

His Arms Are Open Wide

  Imagine…you—a smiling, beautiful little girl…  You are running with reckless abandon into your daddy’s room. There he sits, in his chair, with his arms open wide. As you run to him, he scoops you up onto his lap with his strong and loving hands. You feel the power of his gentle embrace, the rise […]

Psalm 45:13

Psalm 37:23-24

“Prepared” A Gayla Family Event

“Prepared” A Gayla Family Event

Psalm 32:8

Bloom and Grow

Designing with Beauty and Grace

Focal Point Set a focal point in the room: A beautiful poster, or sleigh bed with white, luxurious, and elegant bedding. Maybe it’s a beautiful fireplace with a classic limestone mantel, accented with an elegant chair to read and relax in, and enjoy your favorite cup of herbal tea with that special tea set. Color […]