“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” Part II


Last week we began talking about how our self-image has been influenced by what we have been told or have told ourselves. At times we focus so much on our flaws, instead of filtering those thoughts through God’s Word. We must start casting down the thoughts and imaginations that are contrary to God’s Word and start speaking it over our lives. As we dive into this topic more, we see a great example of this is the bronze laver in the tabernacle; it shows us how our earthly reflection needs to die so that the King’s image can shine through us.

The bronze laver was a basin where the priests washed their hands and feet when coming into and going out of the Holy Place. “He made the laver of bronze and its base of bronze, from the bronze mirrors of the serving women who assembled at the door of the tabernacle of meetings” (Exodus 38:8 NKJV). The body and base of the laver were made of hammered brass from the mirrors of the women who labored in the assembling of the tabernacle. The mirrors are representative of vanity, so when these women surrendered their mirrors, it was considered an act of great sacrifice.

The laver was placed between the altar of burnt offerings and the door to the tabernacle. The priests were required to wash their hands and feet every time they entered the Holy Place. The guilt of sin had already been dealt with by the offering made on the altar for burnt sacrifices; however, sin also defiles. The need for cleansing sin’s defilement was satisfied as the priests washed in the laver. The reflection of the dirt, not only on their hands and faces, but also on their feet, was revealed by the mirrors in the basin and mirrors on the base.

Applying the Word of God to our lives is just like standing in a room walled with mirrors; it gives us a view of ourselves from every angle. The whole woman is revealed, just as she is in God’s looking glass. The laver’s water was refreshed daily – so is God’s grace and mercy! Wash yourself daily in the flowing fountain of the Living Water – the living and active Word of God.

Now is the time to see yourself through the King’s eyes! You are covered by the blood of the Lamb! Allow your heart to overflow with gratitude, and praise the King for His righteousness. Daughter of the King, you are His royal bloodline! You are clothed in His rich garments! God’s original design is always better than man’s renovations! You are His priceless daughter! Adopt His image, and embrace the beauty He has placed within you!

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