A Wreath for Every Occasion

A wreath is certainly not just for the holidays anymore. In my mind, a wreath is warm and inviting, and it can reflect your personality and the “flavor” of your home. It can serve as décor in a variety of ways: on your front door, on the fireplace mantle, in an office, or even as a fun centerpiece that adds life to your home. I hope you will try to create your own wreath, using these unique ideas and simple instructions.  Enjoy it in your own home or give it as a gift to a special friend.


If you want to be seasonally minded, create this beautiful Harvest-Time Wreath. This will brighten your decor for the fall months through Thanksgiving, and it’s also a great way to remind others to be thankful for each new day. 


How about a creative way to testify of God’s blessings, and how your family is thriving in His goodness? This wreath is perfect for sharing a family photo, or even as a house warming gift displaying their initials in the center of wreath.

Steps to Creating Wreaths:

  1. Start with a wire wreath and pull all tinsel wire around wreath straight up.
  2. Take larger colored mesh fabric and gather together at the bottom and tie twist in place using tinsel wire.
  3. Make a small loop, gather again, and tie in place using the same tinsel wire.
  4. Continue this process along the entire outer ring of the wreath.
  5. Choose a new color of smaller mesh fabric and repeat the same process (steps 1-4) on the inner ring. Gather, tie, loop, and tie again. Weave from the top inner ring to the bottom ring and tie accordingly.
  6. Work with the mesh fabric until you achieve the desired shape and size.
  7. Take desired color of tulling or ribbon and fold it accordion-style until you have several loops. Cut and gather in the center. It should look like a bow. Now tie onto the wreath. Repeat the process and fill in any empty space as needed.
  8. Attach desired embellishments to personalize your wreath.

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