SHINE Release, a GREAT Success!

Our release date for SHINE was this last Sunday, Aug. 12th, and it was a great success! We had several hundred ladies in attendance at our fun release event! It was truly beautiful!! We showcased the magazine by having 4 vignettes that were done as a “live” example of the magazine.  The ladies who wrote articles on Fashion, Exercise, Entertainment, and “Shining Like a Diamond” were all selected to bring their articles to the women “live!” It was wonderful as the colors of the magazine swirled around and the music played upbeat intervals to each changing scene! Our colors were the color of the peacock, one of God’s most stunning creatures! As the women first entered the foyer they were amazed to see the whole area transformed into beautiful tables set up everywhere with rich materials of bright blue and green, peacock floral arrangements on pillars throughout the area, a service of salads, small croissant sandwiches, blue and green punch in clear containers and clear glasses, and a full candy bar that had 121 lbs. of fun blue and green candy! Each lady placed a scoop of the candy in blue velum bags! Every lady received a favor of a small peacock mirror in pretty bags with a scripture, and we gave away 6 beautiful peacocked themed gifts! It was an amazing evening and we are so thankful the Lord helped us all the way through!

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